It's the latest imaging technology.

Dr. Kenneth Brinn, Radiologist, says, "Typically, an X-ray would be done with a single high energy X-ray beam and that produces these two images you see here with dual energy. There is both a high and a low energy beam which allows us to subtract out the bone or soft tissue."

Dr. Brinn is a radiologist at Memorial Ooltewah Imaging Center, the only place where this technology is currently available in our area.

This latest technology is useful for radiologists when it comes to getting both chest and abdominal images.

Jacqueline Howard, Memorial Ooltewah Imaging Center says, "We've caught pneumonia, we've caught lung lesions."

The soft tissue image can also increase nodule visibility and better visualizes cardiac calcification.

Dr. Kenneth Brinn says, "So in my initial report, I could say this patient has nodules; they are benign; there is no reason to do anything else."

That saves the patient time and money, while providing them with a big sense of relief.