A North Georgia fire chief nearly lost his life when a driver crossed the center line and hit him head on. Chief Matthew Mann, who is bound to a wheelchair, continues to show signs of improvement. This weekend the rehabilitation center where Mann is being treated transformed into a wedding venue so he could marry the love of his life. Channel 3 was the only station invited to celebrate with the couple.

Chief Matthew Mann is being cared for at Siskin Hospital. The crash that could have claimed his life gave him a new perspective and now he's facing the future with a devoted wife by his side.

They say love happens when you least expect it. Chief Matthew Mann said the love he has for his bride is stronger than any pain he's ever felt. “Thank God for letting me pull through and be able to get married,” said Chief Mann.

Jessica Strange and Matthew Mann exchanged vows at Siskin Hospital Sunday. While it wasn't their dream venue, the vows were all that mattered. “It is not easy. Find a room, get it all approved,” said Christine Walden, a family friend.

“It was very busy, we had a lot of stuff to get ready, but we pulled it off,” said Jessica Strange.

Two families joined together, reminded of how blessed they are to have each other. Just one month ago the groom was involved in a serious crash while driving a Walker State Prison van. “I am so happy they got married. It was a little emotional,” said Strange’s daughter Kelly Hudson.

Walker County Firefighters helped make the day special. “A lot of the time we don't get to do something like this for our brother. It is really nice to be a part of it. Celebrate his day and his wife's day,” said Lieutenant Lamar Hall.

A day that could not have happened without the support of family and friends. “The happiness he has brought to Jessica's life and she has brought to his is just a great thing to witness,” said Kermit Walden, a family friend.

Jessica turned heads in a traditional wedding gown. Matthew proudly wore his uniform. They held hands and shared their first kiss as husband and wife. “She looked really pretty. She could never look prettier,” said Strange’s daughter Shelby Hudson.

“I am so happy they got married. It was a little emotional,” said Kelly Hudson.

Emotional because this couple has a new outlook on life. Matthew still has a road to full recovery ahead of him, but knowing Jessica will walk it with him gives him courage. “Wow. How beautiful. I am a lucky guy,” said Mann.

The rings have been exchanged, and the cake cut, now together until death do them part. “My wife and I have been married for 35 years now. I hope the same for them,” said Kermit Walden.

In sickness and in health, a vow with extra meaning for this couple, who plan to take on the future together. A journey of healing and happiness. “Stay happy and never be mad at each other,” said Shelby Hudson.