If you're looking for a job in law enforcement, the Chattanooga Police Department may be the place for you. 

Recruiting officers held a job fair at Hamilton Place Mall with hopes of hiring Chattanoogans to help protect the city on Friday. 

Prospects of all ages visited the job fair to see if they might have a future with on the force.

Shoppers like Bob Steel said he hopes the younger generation takes interest. 

"There's such a need in our society, and it's a tough time for them right now. There's a lot of negative going on and they do a great job," said Steel. "The millennials, you know it's going to be a great generation and I would love to see them step up and take responsibility and take care of this country."

Officer Neysa Gorgas-Oris said becoming an officer is a life-changing decision that deserves a lot of thought. 

"You have to love it you know. It's something that you know is gonna be dangerous sometimes, but it's really rewarding when we go out to the community and make an impact, and help out."

In January CPD announced plans of adding 14 officers to the force to combat rising crime; increasing the department's roster total to 500. 

Channel 3 checked CPD employment records; 22 officers left in 2014 and 26 officers left in 2015, an average of two officers each month.

In 2016, 43 officers left. That's an average of nearly four officers each month.

"We're having the same promising demands that other agencies have right no, so that's the reason why we're having two consecutive academies every year so hopefully we can complete and fill up the positions," said Gorgas-Oris. 

Gorgas-Oris said the department plans to hire 25 to 30 officers through two consecutive police academies each year. 

Officer Moreland Wilson said he's aware of the negative image cops have, but he and his colleagues are just everyday people trying to make a difference. 

"Law enforcement is all about trust in terms of the community policing style that we're going to that we're currently in now. It's all about building relationships and having that trust with the community and the police," said Wilson. 

It's a tough job many Chattanoogans are encouraging others to consider, for everyone's safety.

" I encourage it," said Steel. "I'm assuming it has to be a calling and we support them, pray for them and wish them all the best."

CPD requires all candidates be ages 21 to 40. They're also encouraging minorities and women to apply, in efforts to boost racial diversity. 

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