Luckily, in this week's case we have video of the bad guy. He has covered his face, but done us a favor by wearing clothing that stands out a bit. There is even something special to note about his transportation away from the crime. No matter who you are to the crook: a stranger, a friend, or a foe, you could be close to some easy money.

This crime went down just before Valentine's Day, so we may, in fact, be looking for the ultimate last-minute lover. "The criminal may have been trying to impress his Valentine by giving her some chocolate or flowers," joked Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. The cash grab happened very early Monday morning.

We get our first look at the bad guy as he entered the Lookout Valley Hampton Inn. "He does not see the clerk out at that time, so he makes its way through the hotel and then exits," Sgt. Miller explained. "He comes in a second time and that's when the clerk is sitting out in the lobby."

At this point, he pretends to want to purchase a soft drink. The clerk obliges and gets the keys to the cash drawer. "And as the clerk is opening up the register, he comes around behind the counter and puts an object into the clerks back," Miller continued. "He implied that he had a weapon and the clerk never saw that he didn't have a weapon. When he stuck the object into his back he thought it was a gun."

With cash in hand, the hooded crook runs to a waiting car and driver, but he was kind enough to leave us some clues. Video shows him to be a black male, around 5'11" with a medium to heavy build. His sweatsuit might stand out. It is gray or brown. "And you'll see," added Miller, "around the knee area, it's darker in color on the pants. And the jacket he's wearing, in the front has a darker color panel. Where you put your hands in the hoodie is a darker color."

A baseball cap with the words 'New York' embroidered in white and white-soled Air Jordan kicks complete his ensemble.

The getaway car is a newer model white or silver Chrysler 300 with a hang-tag on the mirror.

Valentine or not, if you know this guy, you are already imagining how you would spend all of our free money. "I hate to break the criminals heart, but someone's going to recognize who he is and they're going to call Crime Stoppers and they're going to earn up to $1000 cash reward," Sgt. Miller said. "It can be friends, family members, or, if you're the driver, feel free to call in."

The drink the bad guy pretended to buy was a Diet Coke. Every little clue could help. 

If you know who this is, or you have seen that car, the 300 with the hang-tag on the rear-view mirror, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 cash is waiting for your good information and we will never ask who you are.