The Chattanooga Police Department got the green light from city council members to purchase new video cameras. Fifteen new video cameras will be installed across the city this spring. It’s the department's attempt to crack down on crime throughout Chattanooga.

Barbra Robinson and her sister Mary Smith spent their Valentine’s Day near Dodson Avenue. For them it’s a holiday tradition. “I have been selling Valentine's Day baskets out here today.”

They've lived in Chattanooga most of their lives. They said they've seen plenty of crime in their neighborhoods. “Breaks my heart. It is terrible. I wish it was better,” said Mary Smith.

But Chattanooga Police want to change all that. They've asked the city council for roughly 250 thousand dollars to install cameras and place them in areas with higher crime rates. “I've seen things happening that weren't really crime but things that shouldn't be happening,” said Robinson.

Video would be live streamed back to the CPD Real Time Intelligence Center. The video would be recorded and saved for about 30 days.  “Me myself, I am not doing anything I shouldn't be doing. It would keep crime down a bit in our area.”

Danny Clay agrees and said he would feel a lot safer. He thinks the streaming service would hold criminals accountable for their actions. “People need to be protected. That is the bottom line. It is all about protecting. As long as it is done in a fair manner. No I do not have a problem with it.”

The goal is for the cameras to deter crime, capture evidence, and confirm eyewitness testimony. “Enough funerals going on with plenty of pretty innocent people or people at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The camera are designed to be easily removed. So police could change locations as the crime shifts. “Keep shifting until they shift out of the city, how about that? If the bad guys are not happy then I am happy. If people are safe.”

The cameras have the ability to zoom, pan, and rotate. Officers could also watch the video on their city issued laptops.