UPDATE: The Polk County Sheriff's department is investigating an employee with Polk County Schools for solicitation of a minor.

27-year-old William Ledford was arrested and charged on Saturday and taken to the Polk county jail. He is accused of arranging for an underage boy to meet him at his house. 
Deputies say they worked quickly to get William "Colby" Ledford into custody before students went back to school this week-- after a week-long  flu closure. Their investigation started with a conversation online. 

" We have proven with this case and we'll prove it again if anything pops up, if you mess with our kids, we're coming after you period," said Sheriff Steve Ross, Polk County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputies say Ledford is facing charges because he made inappropriate contact with someone he thought was a boy online.
That under-aged boy turned out to be a Cleveland police officer who was working undercover. According to the affidavit, Ledford told the boy he wanted oral sex and a full body massage at his mother's house, where he lives. He made the arrangements but sheriff's deputies showed up instead. Ledford admitted to the arresting officers that he thought he was meeting with a 14 or 15-year-old boy.

 "In my opinion this is a very isolated case especially for our area," said Sheriff Ross. " This effects everyone ...everybody knows everyone and in a small community that makes it tough." 

Polk County Superintendent James Jones tells Channel 3 that Ledford worked as a part-time bus driver, janitor and fill-in substitute at some local elementary school libraries. 

Officials say he's been with the school system  for three to four years without a complaint and passed all of their required background checks. Ledford has now been suspended from his job at the school. 

 "We want to put the parents at ease that he's not a threat to the kids as far as on school property and the the charges that were placed on him.... the incident did no occur at school or during school time," said Sheriff Ross. 

While Sheriff Ross believes this is an isolated incident, he's prepared to follow any leads that come in. 

" If they (parents) feel like they need to, they can have a conversation with their child and say is there anything inappropriately said or done to you and if anything comes to light give us a call," said Sheriff Ross. 

Ledford is out on bond and per his bond agreement he's not allowed to be around any juveniles or be on Facebook, he's due in court next Tuesday. 

ORIGINAL STORY: An employee with Polk County Schools has been arrested for solicitation of a minor.

Polk County Sheriff, Steve Ross tells Channel 3 William Ledford was arrested on Saturday and taken to the Polk County Jail. He has since bonded out.

According to the affidavit of complaint, an undercover detective with the Cleveland Police Department was posing as an underage boy online February 10th.

Officials say 27-year-old William "Colby" Ledford told the undercover officer online that he was staying at his mom's house in Polk County but wanted to engage in oral sex with him.  Investigators say Ledford arranged for the underage boy to come to his house for oral sex and a full body massage but Polk County Deputies met him there instead.

Ledford told his arresting officers that he thought the underage male was around 14 or 15 years old. 

Polk County Superintendent James Jones told Channel 3 that Ledford has worked for the school system part-time some 4 -5 years. School officials say Ledford worked as a part-time substitute school bus driver, janitor and sometimes worked part-time in the Polk County Elementary School's library. The Superintendent told us Ledford has never had any complaints, all school employees must pass background checks to be around the children.

Ledford has been suspended from his job at the school, officials directed any further questions to their school's attorney. 

Ledford is scheduled for his first appearance in court Wednesday.