You've spoken, and we've listened. 

Many users of the WRCB news app have asked for a way to control what notifications they receive, and we've done that. 

With the latest update, use the menu icon (at the upper left corner), tap and scroll down to "Settings" with the gear icon.

There, you'll find two new features: Quiet Time and Notification control.

Quiet Time lets you tell the app when you're not to be disturbed. Just set a start and end time according to your preferences.

Notification control lets you define what notifications you receive from Channel 3. The current categories are:

  • Breaking News
  • Headlines
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Contests/Promotions
  • Traffic

Make sure you're using the most recent version of the WRCB app, and you'll be able to take advantage of these new features.

Some users may need to restart their phones to see the new features. Android users may need force quit the WRCB app, then re-launch, to see the new features.