More than a hundred local heroes were recognized for the lives they saved in 2016.

The Chattanooga Fire Department held their annual awards ceremony Monday night.

Some were awarded for CPR saves and house fire rescues but a big portion of the night was dedicated to those who responded to the Woodmore bus crash.

"I've been here 16 years and that was the most tragic event I've been on but the most fluid multi-agency response I've been involved in," said Capt. Travis Williams.

Capt. Williams is one of 25 firefighters to be recognized for their life-saving efforts. 

The firefighters worked tirelessly for five hours straight trying to save the children on board the Woodmore school bus.

"It was a mass casulty incident so we had to triage patients, treat patients, sit and talk to the ones who were trapped, unable to get out," Capt. Williams said.

Four civilians were also given such honors. The four neighbors who live at the crash site who ran out to help received a standing ovation from the crowd.

"When they brought me the invitation they didn't tell me they were going to recognize me or anything like that," said neighbor Mary Smith, "Just being recognized it means a lot."

Smith and her neighbors stayed with the children until first responders arrived.

"I'm not saying that I did all that much but I did what I could, just being there trying to comfort the kids," Smith said.

About 100 firefighters were recognized tonight in total for their life-saving efforts this year. 

Here is a full list of those honored at the awards ceremony by the Chattanooga Fire Department:

Commendation Ribbons to firefighters involved in the Woodmore bus crash: Capt. John Lehman, Lt. Justin Vice, FFS Avery Hubbard, Capt. Richie Taylor, FF William Crackel, Capt. Will Andrews, Capt. Dusty Rose, Lt. Jason Rains, Lt. Fred Edgemon, Lt. Jonathan Higgins, FF Captain David Tallent, Captain Keith Liles, Captain Al Walker, Lt. Ronnie Goss, FFE Keith Edgemon, FF Brandon Fryar, FF Charles Zinzer and FF Jeffery Bonner, FF Edgar Patton, Capt. Travis Williams, Capt. Michael Montieth, FFS Terrance Watkins, B/C Nate Middlebrooks, B/C Chris Willmore, B/C Chris Warren.

Life saving medals to firefighters involved in the Woodmore bus crash: Captain David Tallent, Captain Keith Liles, Captain Al Walker, Lt. Ronnie Goss, FFE Keith Edgemon, FF Brandon Fryar, FF Charles Zinzer and FF Jeffery Bonner. 

Four civilians recognized: Claudia Sears, Kori Hahn, Mary Smith and Ed Wilson live in the neighborhood where the crash occurred. They were actually the first on the scene and they rendered assistance to the students until first responders arrived.

Letters of Commendations to firefighters involved in the Gatlinburg wildfires: B/C Don Bowman, B/C Chris Warren, Capt. Evan Rose, Capt Robert Thompson, Lt. Jason Moses, FFS Jakob Gann, FFS Tim Freire, FFE Martha Mulvaney, FF Dan Bryan, FF Brandon O'Dell, B/C Ashley May, B/C Chris Willmore, Capt. Randy Steele, Capt. Tim Waters, FFS Jason Ashley, FFS Bobby McBryar, FFE Mark Jenkins, FFE Larry Olivier, FF Hanniel Krohne, FF Derek Riley, B/C Lesley Morgan, Capt. Terrance Andrews, Capt. David Tallent, Capt. Travis Williams, FFS Dale Aslinger, FFE Doug Brager, FFE Mak Kelsay, FF Preston Binegar, FF Jessie Lively, FF Maxwell Sides, B/C Nate Middlebrooks, Capt. David Peace, Capt. Michael Thomas, Lt. David Bishop, FFS Josh Burchard, FFE Mark Coffman, FFE Ken Martin, FF Tiffany Bird, FF Stephanie Mason, FF Ryan Swafford.

The following firefighters received life saving medals for incidents they were involved in last year:

Residential Structure Fire Save:
FFE Andrew Thomas and FF David Ruffin

Off-duty CPR Save:
FFE Edgar Patton

CPR Save:
FFS Jack Thompson and FFE Keith Edgmon

CPR Save:
Captain Vance Woodward, Lt. Terry Jones and FFS Gabe Thrash

Off-duty Vehicle Crash Save:
Fire Chief Chris Adams

CPR Save:
FFS Darrell Hinton and FF Daaron Espey

Special awards were given to employees with the city's fleet maintenance, including Titus Jackson, Jacob Picklesimer, Ray Rheal, John Eric Watkins and George Wilson. Captain Kelly Simmons was recognized for his tireless efforts as president of the Forgotten Child Fund.