It's a big night for soccer fans!  Chattanooga is hosting the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team for the first time ever. 

Some 18,000 fans are expected to fill Finley Stadium Friday night. Among them will be many young soccer players eager to get up close to their favorite players.

But, Channel 3 found one lucky group of kids that already had that chance and they have the pictures to prove it. 

Every kid dreams of meeting their sports hero. 

These soccer players from Boyd-Buchanan School did exactly that.

"It was really cool seeing the highest level of player and seeing them up close and personal like that," student Trevor McDaniel said.

Wednesday night, the men's Jamaican team practiced on the school's soccer field before a crowd of 200 excited parents and students and even took time to snap a few photos.

"They were really friendly and didn't mind taking pictures with everyone here," student Easton King said.

The kids' idols turned out to be just as amazing as they'd imagined.

"It was really cool," student Asa Owens said. "Many people I know haven't seen the Jamaican team practice, so it was a great experience to share with friends and family."

While getting to meet their favorite players is a memory that'll last a lifetime, at the end of the night, they know who they'll be cheering for.

"Who is going to win tonight," Channel 3 asked. 

"USA!," replied the students.

The kids only found out the team would be practicing at their school a day ahead of time and weren't sure if they'd get to watch. 

So, it was a nice surprise and those pictures are priceless.