The Chattanooga Police Department is warning residents about skimming devices after two were found in separate locations in the Chattanooga area.

Officials say skimming devices were placed inside, instead of on the outside, of two Mapco gas pumps.

One was located at 8603 Hickory Valley Road, and the other was located at 5500 Highway 153 in Hixson.

Officials say the devices were found on January 25, 2017. 

Skimming devices are used to read and memorize account information that make users vulnerable to identity theft. Oftentimes, skimming machines are found on gas pumps and ATM machines.

Officials say internal skimming devices transmit data via Bluetooth technology. 

CPD Fraud Officers recommend residents take these steps to avoid becoming a victim of skimming:

  • If anti-tampering seal is broken, contact store management immediately and don’t use the machine
  • Use debit cards as credit. Since credit option doesn’t require a PIN the purchaser has more protection.
  • Cover the keys while entering your debit/credit password
  • Monitor your account(s) daily online and report fraudulent transactions to your bank immediately
  • Ask your financial institution to pair geolocation software with your card. This feature tracks location of both your card and phone.
  • Make payment inside with cashier