A Hamilton County Sheriff Deputy resigned after an intern accused him of sexual harassment. 

A 27-year-old college student says the harassment started during a ride-along with Deputy Gene Myers. 

An Internal Affairs investigation was launched on October 27, 2016, when the victim told investigators Myers described sexual acts he wanted to perform on the victim.

The intern said as the day went on, HCSO Deputy Meyers told her that her lips looked nice and she replied. "they're dry" and moved on. Later, the intern said the Deputy asked her if she would ever date a white guy, to which she responded she is dating a white guy. Myers then asked if she would date him, which the intern said she refused to answer stating she pleads the fifth and tried to laugh it off.

Some time later, the intern said that Deputy Myers then started describing sexual acts with the intern. The intern stated she was not paying him any attention and hoped her body language would tell him she was not interested and hoped his changed his actions. 

The report says the woman secretly recorded Myers during the ride-along.

Deputy Myers was interviewed by Internal Affairs where he admitted to the conversation and said the intern initiated it. Myers resigned from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department on November 7th.

It is unclear if his resignation had anything to do with the accusations