Employers nationwide are seeing a shortage in those trained in skill trade jobs which has created a push in schools to give students other opportunities when it comes to choosing a career. 

Schools in Cleveland and Bradley County Friday joined that push. 

Business leaders in Bradley County saw a need to educate the public as well as students on more technical jobs and technical training that are out there. 

That's why they launched a new initiative called Your Skills and Your Future and they are going to flood students as well as their parents with more information about those careers. 

"Four year university students that come out seeking engineering degrees have better opportunities to get employed if they've had experience in manufacturing or hands on because a lot of times they go to four year universities and they may get the theory but they're not always adequate in the hands on skills," Career and Technical Director of Bradley County Schools Arlette Robinson said. 

The initiative started Friday. Leaders loaded up t-shirts and started to take them over to schools as soon as the announcement was over. 

For more information about the initiative, click HERE