Chattanooga mayoral candidate David Crockett wants to put the high-speed rail project on the fast track. 

Crockett said the train would bring people from Atlanta to Chattanooga's airport and create 100 new flights a day. 

A high speed rail has been discussed for several years and officials believe the best route for the rail would be along I-75.

It would cost more than $8-billion to build but Crockett said the train would transform the Scenic City. 

"We think with their help, we settled this all a number of years ago, that we would accommodate with some modifications to this airport with some upgrades, close to 5 million passengers a year that will transform the Chattanooga economy," said Crockett.

Channel 3 reached out to the three other mayoral candidates for their response to the high speed rail initiative.

"The City's Department of Transportation has a project manager that is focused on the high speed rail to create more connections for our citizens, and is positioned to move forward if federal funds become available," said Sara Burklin, spokeswoman for the Berke for Mayor Campaign.

“The high speed rail is an interesting idea but that’s not something we need to focus on right now. The city needs to focus on low income and affordable housing,” said Chris Long, mayoral candidate.

“Mayoral candidate Crockett spins a great yarn about the HSGT project and expanding Lovell Field. The big question is can Lovell Field be expanded enough to handle 150 flights per day, large aircraft and the roughly 2 million passengers that would mean for the airport? Mr. Crockett's figures just do not add up,” said Larry Grohn, Mayor candidate.

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