Alex Freeman was gunned as he partied with his friends, his family and his children. There is no room in our community for anyone who would point a firearm and begin pulling the trigger, after midnight, in a neighborhood, at people, in the presence of children. Your call to Crime Stoppers could put the bad guys behind bars, make a whole town safer, and earn you free reward cash. 

It was a tragic end to Independence Day, last year. On Jarvis Avenue, rounds were fired into a group of people killing one and injuring two others. Later, the violence moved to Woodmore Lane. "It was on July 5 of 2016 just after midnight." explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. "It was a dark four-door sedan with at least two people, we think, that were in the vehicle; a driver and the shooter that was shooting out the passenger-side." 

The gunfire rang out as 28-year old Alex Freeman was celebrating his birthday. This father of nine was outside with his kids. Later on in the day, his sister described what happened. "All of a sudden kids come running in the house, said Tomulla Freeman, "and we are thinking, 'it's fireworks,' but it was actually somebody shooting at the house."  

Her brother was killed and another person was injured. Because of the darkness and the chaos, there were few details to go on, but the hope is, by now, someone has talked. "We're hoping that running this today on Crime Stoppers will bring it back into memory of the public and whoever shot this person," Sgt. Miller said. "They've told somebody and that person will say, 'oh, I remember they told me this.'"

On the scene that morning, the police chief issued a warning. "Whether we hold you accountable for your activity tonight or for other criminal activity you're involved in," said Chief Fred Fletcher, "we're going to find a way to put you in jail. Your friends are going to tell on you, the neighborhoods going to tell on you, and we've got evidence."

Now there is reward cash and anonymity to grease the wheels of justice and to get this family some peace. "They lost him on his birthday, said Miller. "Something like that, they'll always remember every July 5 will stand out to them as his birthday and also the day that he lost his life."

Tomulla Freeman, Alex's sister first sounded the call that morning, just hours after he had been killed. "It's time to start opening mouths and telling people what you see," she said. "Because it's ridiculous; it's too many people being killed and shot."

If you are scared someone will come after you if you tell what you know, do not be. We will never ask your name. That means not the police, your enemies, not even your friends will know you helped out and we will pay up to $1,000 for you good tip. 

Call Crime Stoppers at 423-698-3333. If you get voice mail, please leave a message.