Some sectors of the Chattanooga Police Department are starting their day off in a new way. Each shift meets for a briefing, typically in an office or conference room at the Police Services Center on Amnicola Highway.

However, Wednesday some officers moved those meetings to public places to engage with the community.

"Line ups are an essential part of an officer’s day to get them prepared for the work ahead. Normally they're at the police service center but this morning officers met in a public setting at the Hamilton Place Mall,” said Captain Roger Gibbens.

It’s the beginning of the day for officers in the ‘Charlie Sector,’ one by one, Officer Bryan Moody and his fellow officers line up in the food court inside the mall for a shift change.

"Coming in at 7 o'clock on dayshift, I don't know what's happened from midnight shift so it kind of just passes the information along," said Officer Moody.

It’s a time for them to get briefed and get on the same page.

"A robbery, or a shooting, or something of that nature the officers coming on to shift may have not heard of that. So it's necessary for them to not only know what's going, but also for their safety so they can be aware of who to be on the lookout for," said Captain Gibbens.

This is the first community neighborhood line up meeting in the Charlie Sector, CPD hopes the public meetings will open up communication with residents and law enforcement.

"To show the residents and the community that we are here to make sure they are safe, no matter what community they happen to be in that day,” said Captain Gibbens.

Hamilton Place Mall has been at the center of recent crime in the city. It’s also where the largest gathering of people are on a daily basis, that’s why police chose this location.       

"This gives us the opportunity to show of force, so people in the city know that we are behind Hamilton Place, but also so Hamilton Place can let us know that they are behind us as well," said Lt. Shawn Hickey.

Before these officers leave, Captain Gibbens leaves them with some advice.

"Please, be safe out there, and take care of each other,” he added.

All before the sunrises, these men and women get ready to serve. It’s a behind the scenes look civilians rarely get to see.

The Charlie Sector is responsible for covering a third of the city.

To find out how you can attend a line up in your neighborhood call Chattanooga Police (643-5000) and ask who is your zone commander.