UPDATE: A very special dog is feeling the love after a difficult journey. For nearly five months Mika lived at the Humane Society recovering from being stabbed in the eye. “I just thank God she is alive sustaining these injuries,” said Marcia Holloway.

With care and time, Mika is ready to run and play. Her new owner is actually re-adopting her. Marcia Holloway first adopted Mika when she was only a few weeks old.  “I was excited, that she still remembers who I was.”

She learned Mika was stabbed while in the care of a friend, and did not think the dog survived. When Mika was brought to the humane society with her injuries, Holloway was relieved to learn the puppy was alive. “It is a wonderful experience. I am so happy.”

Officials with the HES said Mika's owner has no relationship with the family responsible for the attack. And they were thrilled to reunite Mika with Marcia. “We are very fortunate to put her back with someone who knows who she is,” said Bob Citrullo, Executive Director of the Humane Educational Society.

Someone who will provide her with a long happy life. “Need a lot of love and attention and believe me, she is going to be spoiled when she gets home,” said Holloway.

PREVIOUS STORY: A puppy, stabbed several times by a boy in Hixson, is ready to go home. 

We first brought you this story in August. Channel 3 has learned the case against the 10 year old boy is still in court. 

It's been five months since Mika arrived at the Humane Educational Society. 

She was in rough shape, covered in ticks and stabbed twice in the eye. 

"Honestly, it's been a long haul for her," Executive Director Bob Citrullo said. 

Mika's left eye had to be removed after investigators say she was stabbed by a 10 year old boy, but what she lost in surgery, this 8 month old canine makes up in personality. 

Donations covered the $2,000 medical bill needed to rehabilitate Mika. 

Now all she needs is a big backyard and a family to love. She's ready to find her forever home. 

"We're really excited now we know she's ready to go home. I'm sure there's someone out there waiting for her," Citrullo added. 

Authorities are not releasing details about the the case against the boy because he is underage. 

If you would like to adopt Mika, call HES at 423-624-5302.