UPDATE: Two convicted felons are off the streets after a dangerous police chase through the Brainerd area Monday night.

Marquis McReynolds, 25, and Jermichael Brooks, 23, are accused of stealing cars from a local dealership.

One of those cars was recovered in the police chase.

The chase started on Highway 58 with an anonymous call of suspicoius activity. 
Police attempted to pull over the car, which was found to be stolen and using stolen license tags, but the driver led police all over the Brainerd area with speeds topping 100 miles per hour.

The chase went down to Shallowford road, up Highways 153 and then the car crashed on the corner of Dodson St. and Monroe St. 

During the chase police said the stolen car was involved in three different crashes, damaging other cars along the way.

Both suspects are convicted felons and now face more charges of evading arrest, possession of guns and drugs, and stolen vehicles.

Police said the car they were driving was stolen from the Mountain View 153 dealership on Sunday.
The General Manager said the pair helped take four more cars on the same night when keys were mistakenly left inside.

"And apparently during the day sunday they must have been out scouting everything and anybody and hey look at this easy wonderful moment at Mountain View," Ray Standefer said.

On Monday Standefer noticed the gate to his dealership had been damaged.

"They took one car, knocked the fence down and then drove the rest of them out and from that point on all those cars were history," he said.

Standefer said they're now adding surveillance cameras and increasing security.

"It's heartbreaking and infuriating," he said.

Standefer hopes police find the others involved in the theft. One other car was recovered but three are still missing.

Chattanooga police said federal agencies are now involved in this investigation and these two men will soon be facing more charges. 


UPDATE: A police chase ended Monday evening with a car in a ditch and two people in custody.

Chattanooga police spent the night investigating the crash that happened near Dodson Avenue and Wilcox Boulevard.

Investigators said it started on Highway 58 when a task force including the ATF, FBI, and CPD officers pursued a stolen car. They said the driver crashed multiple times before he lost control and landed in a ditch on Monroe Street.

Police said other cars nearby suffered minor damage from the suspect's car.

"I mean they come shooting across here," Joseph Mathis, a witness said.

Joseph Mathis saw the wild chase involving a police cruiser and a car. He and several others were standing in front of a laundromat watching intently.

"I'm looking at it and I'm saying they ain't going to make the turn and they go in the ditch," Mathis said.

Other Chattanooga police officers weren't too far behind.

"Then the police jumped out and got on his hood with his pistol and saying 'get out. Get out. Get out,'" Mathis said.

Chattanooga police confirmed they arrested two people who are convicted felons. Investigators also found two weapons in the car.

It turns out the car in the ditch was a 2016 Honda Accord and had been stolen from the Mountain View at 153 car dealership.

The dealership's general manager, Ray Standefer, said he received a phone call from police telling him they found the car.

"It's just pretty ridiculous. It's a bunch of out of hand juveniles and it's crazy," Standefer said.

Standefer said this was one of five cars stolen on Sunday from the dealership. He told Channel 3 one car was found earlier in the day and now this one.

"You just realize now I don't care what they got to do, something has got to happen. Look at the expense the city has went through and there's other crimes going on. They have to put up with these little petty people. I just don't get it," Standefer said.

A tow truck pulled the stolen car out of the ditch. A closer look showed the damage from the crash.

Now detectives will get to do a thorough investigation of the car and the people who were in it.

25-year-old Marquis McReynolds and 23-year-old Jermichael Brooks are facing multiple charges including evading arrest, narcotics, weapons and auto theft.

Police said federal charges will be pursued against both men.

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