The Hamilton County school board is juggling several issues and an aging facility is one of them. 

Students and alumni at Central High School said their track is in poor condition, and without any immediate help from the school board they're taking matters into their own hands. 

Central alumna, Christie Bronson took the initiative to collect donations to get rid of what she describes as an eyesore, she can no longer tolerate.

"I didn't see anyone doing anything," Bronson said. "I know that since I've graduated nobody's ever done anything to the track. I don't want the kids to get hurt on it."

The 400 meter track is hard and worn down with asphalt and grass sprouting through. 

Bronson sad the track's so bad the track team isn't able to host any home meets or practices. 

"It's not safe for them to have to go out on the side of Highway 58 or even around the streets of the school to run, because they have no other place to run," said Bronson.

Some of Central's athletes and Senior Class President, D'Andre Anderson agree. 

"We've kind of had to deal with the short straw for the last four years so we're kind of tired of it, and we would want the upcoming classes to not have to deal with that," said Anderson. 

It's why Bronson started a GoFundMe page, with a goal of raising $600,000 dollars. 

She said the investment is worth it for Brown Middle and Central High school students, along with visitors to campus, who use the track.
With the community's help, Anderson believes they will be able to fill the gap the school system is unable to. 

"It might not happen this year. It might not happen in five years, but if we continue to push and continue to persevere it's gonna happen."

Central athletes will continue using nearby Highway 58 for practice until they can raise the money needed. To help with their fundraising efforts, click here