An East Ridge neighborhood is cleaning up a big mess after a drunk driver tore through their community.     

It happened Thursday night on Spriggs Street. Police said the driver mistook someone's backyard for a road and plowed through several backyards.

Surveillance video shows a car blowing into the backyard of an East Ridge home.           

Jessica Kirchoff and her family of four was inside getting ready for bed when they felt a rumble outside.        

"It sounds like the house is caving in so you pop your head out of the shower that's still going, you look out the window and you're going, 'are you for real?' there's a car I the backyard. Oh my god, how did he get in the? Are you? What are you even doing? And he's still driving around!” Kirchoff exclaimed.      

Arrest documents say the drunk driver behind the wheel was 27-year-old John Gray.        

In a statement to police Gray said he left a local bar and was driving his mother’s car. Investigators said Gray caused significant damage to a carport, fences, and the back of Jessica Kirchoff home. Police on scene conducted multiple field sobriety test and say he was above the legal limit.

"It’s a gated, it's fenced for a reason, which means it is ours you turn around in here with the house coming down and then some belligerent snot out here like 'whatever,” Kirchoff sad.

One of the homeowners said Gray was attempting to leave the scene of the accident, but they were able to keep him there until authorities arrived.
Gray was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail for driving under the influence.
While Kirchoff is frustrated, she's just thankful none of her family got hurt.

"When you took all this down, you could've just shattered the snot, you could've taken out both my kids and didn't even care because you caught yourself a good time down at the bar,” Kirchoff said.

Kirchoff said they were in the process of buying the home. In meantime, they'll work with their landlord to make repairs.

John Gray is being held on a $2,200 bond at the Hamilton County Jail.