It was a packed room of concerned parents and community members at the Hamilton County school board meeting. Some were hoping for answers regarding their student's athletic fields while others came out looking for answers about private bus operators following the deadly Woodmore bus crash. But they left still waiting for answers.

It was a unanimous vote across the board. School board members need more time to think and discuss some of Hamilton County school’s biggest concerns.

“It is the hardest good thing I have ever seen happen,” said District 8 School Board Member David Testerman.

The school board was ready to vote on transferring the deed to the East Ridge Athletic Fields over to the city after East Ridge City officials offered to pay for repairs and maintenance of the complex in return for ownership of the property. “It’s like ivory soap. 99.9999% ready.”  However, the vote was postponed because Attorney Scott Bennett said East Ridge needs more time.

Meanwhile, the board voted to extend bus owners and operators contracts by another four years. “Most of the school board is happy believe they provide safe service to our children, would like to see more owner operators,” said Board Chairman Dr. Steve Highlander.

But a special session will be held on Saturday to vote on a proposal for bus companies. “Working to see if they can hire subcontractors and we have to look at the insurance.”

The special session will be Saturday at 12:30 at Central High School.

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