When Georgia law changed to allow the distillation of spirits, the Butlers saw it as an opportunity to share their family recipe. So they opened up shop at the corner of East Morris Street and South Depot in Dalton.

Nearly all shiners start their batch with corn. The Butlers, base theirs a little differently, using sunflower seeds.

“During the 40s and 50s, Dad said that the illegal whiskey market was overly-saturated and they had to separate themselves, be a little different,” explained Chuck Butler. “They always raised sunflower seed and added it to be distinctive and stand out in the marketplace.”

You can sip and sample there, but you can’t purchase. Georgia law still makes that illegal. But lucky for moonshine consumers, there are some “legal loopholes” that allow you to leave the Dalton Distillery with your very own bottle. No secret password needed.

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