Two Marion County Sheriff's deputies are recovering after their patrol car crashed into a tree on South Pittsburg mountain late Thursday night.

Sheriff Ronnie "Bo" Burnett said deputy Brian Davis and officer Chip Wampler were responding to a domestic violence call when Davis lost control of the car, and crashed at the 4300 block of State Highway 156.  

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating the crash that was likely caused by slick conditions. Officials believe the driver, Davis lost control as he approached a curve and hit an oak tree head on.

"THP says speeding wasn't a factor probably the wet road and you'd be surprised. I tell the public slow down during wet weather, and then I have an officer involved wreck," said Sheriff Burnett. 

Burnett said Wampler is a Kimball police officer who fills in as a deputy part time. He said Davis, who was driving, is a rookie. 

"He just went on patrol a couple of months ago out of the jail and we don't want somebody like that out there by himself so that's the reason officer Wampler was in the car with him," said Burnett. 

Andy Vanallman said he woke up Thursday night to the frightening crash. He ran across the street to help the two deputies. 

"I was in the bed and heard the sirens and was like okay they're coming by and then I heard the crash and the sirens didn't get no closer, so I knew at that point something had happened," said Vanallman.

Other neighbors said Davis managed to escape the car to help his passenger; officer Wampler. 

"I didn't know at the time there were two, and he was coming around checking on his partner. I commend that officer for that; the shape he was in to check on his partner," said Evelyn Waldrop. 

The car was totaled and both officers were injured. 

"Seatbelts probably saved these officers life. They both had seatbelts on and the air bags. If it wasn't for these two items these officers could have really been hurt bad or even been a fatality," said Burnett. 

Burnett said Davis' injuries weren't severe and that he should return to his regular shift next week. However, officer Wampler suffered multiple fractures in his arm and some cracked ribs. He said it will be a while before Wampler returns to duty.