Navy Lieutenant Commander Tim White received a standing ovation at the Tennessee State Capitol Wednesday. 

Lt. Cdr. White, who defended his staff in the deadly July, 16th attack in Chattanooga, delivered the invocation at a joint convention of the Tennessee House and Senate.

Lt. Cdr. Tim White stood before the Tennessee General Assembly, ready to lead them all in prayer.
He said the introduction from Senator Todd Gardenhire  was unforgettable.

"His center was attacked by the jihadist who murdered four Marines and one Sailor," Sen. Gardenhire said, "As a little historical note, the first three bullets that went into the jihadist was from Cdr White's gun."

The room went silent. 

As the words sank in, Senators and Representatives rose to their feet.

"I felt support from Tennesseans, and Chattanoogans and from all around the community," Lt. Cdr. White said.

It was the first time we heard publicly that Lt. Cdr. White had shot the terrorist.

White said he wasn't expecting Sen. Gardenhire to make those remarks, but yes, they are true.

"I'm thankful to still be alive and to be able to share with others the courageous acts that happened on July 16th," he said, "When the terrorist crashed through the gate and attacked the reserve center, I responded to the threat."

Lt. Cdr. White fired at the terrorist six times from inside his office at the Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway.
Moments later, police were there to take the suspect down.

"The information I was given was that some of my shots did hit him but the fatally wounding shots came from the police," White said.

Lt. Cdr. White said he gets his strength from prayer and faith and was able to share that with lawmakers.

White quoted the bible verse "Praise the name of the Lord," and prayed  "Father that you make us to be faithful to you."

Lawmakers gave White a second standing ovation when he finished.

A special prayer for the White family. One, they'll always remember.

While at the State Capitol the White's seven children were all given special certificates and were made honorary pages for the day. 

Lt. Cdr. White, his wife and seven children will be moving to Florida this summer.