Two parents were arrested for child abuse while being high on meth while caring for their four-year-old son.

Chattanooga police say that Charles Hill and Katie White admitted they were using meth when police arrived at their home Tuesday night.

The couple called police saying they were having hallucinations.

When police arrived, Hill told them that he and his wife had been using meth since the night before.

Police say both adults were unable to form complete sentences at times.

White initially told police their her husband held a butcher knife to her throat, but later recanted the story, according to the arrest report.

She also claimed she "just got in from Hawaii," and that she had been walking "in and out of her new television."

Police searched Charles Hill and found a small green bag of a transparent crystalline substance.

Police determined that neither parent was capable of properly caring for their child and were charged with aggravated child abuse, as well as possession of a controlled substance/meth.