We don't have space machines to get us to work and school but as for as the home goes, we may be in a post-Jetson's world. Robots around the house are either here now, or coming very soon.

Robots can now do things like vacuum the house, order items online just by asking for them, and automatically starting a coffee pot, dinner, feed the dogs and watch the kids. 

As soon as March these robots may be able to do much more than that.

At CES in Las Vegas I've seen 2 robots that promise to fold and organize your clothes. 

The Foldimate is a prototype right now but the inventor who unveiled the gadget this week told me he hopes to go into production in the very near future. This android works by hanging up a shirt or pants on clips attached to the machine. The Foldimate then practically sucks up the item and neatly folds it up based on what it detects. 

The similar Laundroid takes the technology a step further. By far this demonstration drew one of the largest crowds on the first day of the CES expo. 

Using artificial intelligence the Laundroid can take a basket filled with clothes straight out of the dryer, will scan each item to determine if it is a pair of pants, a shirt or underwear. It will also recognize the size of the item which should help it determine who's clothes are whose.

After a few minutes you can come back to the Laundroid to find neatly stacked clothes organized by who they belong to. 

The Laundroid has been tested many times and passed the tests, however; in one demonstration at CES it failed to work. The developers of Laundroid said their next step will be to invent a machine that will not only fold and sort clothes but will also wash and dry them based on the color detected using artificial intelligence. 

The Genican is a barcode scanner that attaches to any garbage can or recycle bin and can detect what you are tossing in the trash. Reading the item's barcode, the Genican will add a replacement item to a shopping list on a smartphone app. 

The list is shared with anyone else in the family so they know what they need when they get to the store.

Genican is also working with retailers to enable the gadget to automatically order replacement items online.

Genican is expected to be available to ship later this year. They are taking pre-orders now for $124.99