Twenty-nine Alcoa City Schools students are safe after their school bus erupted in flames on Monday morning.

The bus driver noticed the fire at the intersection of Duncan Station Road and Upton Street, according to Alcoa Fire Department spokesperson Darren Stinnett.

“(You) hate to start a morning like that, but it turned out pretty well,” said Alcoa City Schools director Brian Bell.

The driver heard a loud pop in the rear bus in a wheel well, pulled over and got the kids off the bus. Crews with the Alcoa Fire Department put out the flames. After about a 15-minute wait, another bus came to take the 29 students to school.

“The bus driver handled it really well,” Bell said. “As soon as he realized there was a problem, he got kids off right away.

Authorities towed the burnt bus away once crews put the flames out.

The investigation is ongoing as to the cause of the bus fire.