UPDATE: It's an all too common trend firefighters see this time of year - house fires started by an unattended candle.

Monday, firefighters said a man was using a candle for light, he left the room and when he returned the room was on fire.

Chattanooga’s Chief Fire Marshal William Matlock said any open flame inside your home can be dangerous if not used properly.

“Make sure they are secured in a steady base, make sure you blow them out when you leave the room don't ever leave them burning at night when you are asleep,” Chief Matlock said.

The second week of January is known as the deadliest week for fire home fires in Tennessee, the state fire marshal's office attributes that to colder weather.

Chief Matlock said there are three things you can do to safeguard your home. First, make sure all your heating equipment is working properly. If not, it needs to be serviced by a professional. Also, be aware of any objects or combustible materials near a flame or hot surface. And most importantly have a working smoke alarm.

"Make sure you have an escape plan; you want to know what to do when that event occurs when you hear that alarm it's not the time to start thinking about your action. what are we going to do? you need to have a plan in place,” Chief Matlock added.

From 2009-2013, fire departments across the country have responded to about 9,000 house fires started by candles. These fires caused 86 deaths, 827 injuries, and 374-million dollars in direct property damage.

On average 25 candle fires are reported each day in the United States. It's why fire marshals are urging everyone to use extra caution when using a candle inside your home.

Investigators said the man that lived in the home on Pine Manor Drive did not have electrical service and was using the candle for light. Chief Matlock said if you lose power or need light it's always safer to use a battery operated lamp or flash light.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to a house fire on the 6500 block of Pine Manor Drive early Monday morning.

The fire started around 1:20 a.m.

Officials say an adult male inside the home lit a candle and left the room. When he returned, the man says the room was on fire.

Fire crews arrived on scene, made a quick interior attack, and had the fire out in minutes. Officials say most of the damage was contained to one bedroom, but the the rest of the home had fire and water damage.

The dollar loss of the home is estimated at $15,000.

No injuries were reported in the fire. 

Fire investigators have ruled the fire as accidental. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A fire has damaged a Pine Manor Drive home.

Officials say everyone was able to get out of the home. There were no injuries.

Chattanooga Fire Department responded to the fire around 1 a.m. and had the fire out within the hour.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

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