It was a cold, snowy morning on Friday in Van Buren County. The look of a pretty “winter wonderland” was deceiving to Colby Mooneyham. He had a tough time getting to his job in Sparta, Tennessee.

“I was just sitting there sliding. I was going about 30 miles per hour. I hit the brakes and I would slide," said Mooneyham. "I got halfway to town and I knew I wasn’t going to make down that mountain."

Rather than risk his safety or the safety of others, he turned around and went back to his home on Baker Mountain Road. Only a half inch to an inch of snow fell, but Mooneyham noticed other drivers having problems on the slick roads, too.

“One had actually veered off to the right of the road. They were alright. They finally got out,” said Mooneyham.

Main roads like Highway 111 were pre-treated and in good condition, but county dispatch said many secondary roads that didn't get sprayed with brine were in bad shape.

“I hate that I couldn’t make it to work, but the snow’s always nice,” added Mooneyham.

It was a sight that made some of his neighbors hit the snooze button.

“Got up this morning and everything was white and I pulled the covers back over my head," said Kevin Winters as he laughed.

April Nielson-Olsen also lives in the area but it is from Michigan where winter are much worse. She knew it wouldn’t take a lot of snow here to cause trouble.

“The roads are winding and we’re on the mountain. So it’s a lot more dangerous here,” said Nielson-Olsen.

Mooneyham hopes anybody who has to drive somewhere just slows down a bit.

“Even I’ve got a four wheel drive and that still don’t mean nothing. You start sliding, you’re screwed,” said Mooneyham.

Although snow won't fall this weekend, wet and slushy spots will refreeze and wind chills will be as cold as zero to 10° in many high elevations.