When winter weather threatens Tennessee highways, troopers don't waste any time. 

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Danny Viar is doing something they call "running out the interstate," where troopers check for hazards and keep an eye on the weather. 

"We try to stay out here on the interstate as much as we can," he said. 

The area from the Tennessee River to the Georgia state line on Interstate 24 and a curve along I-24W at mile marker 138 on Monteagle Mountain, Viar says, are areas prone to crashes in winter weather. 

"People don't think about it when they come up here. When they come up through here, they're carrying a little too much speed and they come into this curve and it's easy to overreact and your car slides a little bit," he added. 

Troopers say speed leads to the majority of those crashes.  

"If it's snowing and there's ice on the ground, even though the speed limit is 70 miles per hour or 55 MPH, you have to slow down for that condition," THP Lt. John Harmon said. 

If you're hitting the road this winter season, troopers say it's a good idea to have a couple of things on hand in case you find yourself stuck on the interstate or broken down. 

"We encourage you to have a blanket in your car with you and some snacks and we encourage you to have an extra cell phone charger with you," Harmon said. 

All to help you get to your final destination safely.