Construction crews are almost halfway through replacing 27,000 feet of sewer lines in Hixson. 

The project is part of a $250 million city-wide effort to bring sewer infrastructure up to code. 

The sound of heavy machinery interrupts day to day life along Atlanta Drive. Residents say it's been like this since October. 

"I have to park and walk. I park at the church and then walk to my house," Carey Watts said. 

Crews spent another day of replacing sewer lines deep in the ground in front of Watts' home. 

It's all part of a bigger project designed to cut down on sewer overflow. 

But Watts is worried the inconvenience of construction could become a problem in the event of an emergency. 

"If somebody was to get hurt of have a heart attack or something, how would they get down there to get them?" he said. 

We took Watts' concerns to Public Works Administrator Justin Holland who says it's protocol to notify all emergency services of any projects. 

"The fire department and ambulance services and 911 are all aware of any roads that are closed. Even if there's a road closed where there's a detour, we let them know that," Holland said. 

Other residents we spoke to declined to go on camera, but tell Channel 3 they appreciate crews being flexible to help them get to and from their homes. 

But many would like to see the road re-paved once work is complete. Watts agrees. 

"Who's going to be responsible for paving the road after they get out of there? It's really bumpy," he added. 

It will be another three weeks before things are back to normal along Atlanta Drive. 

Holland says when work is finished, they will even out some rough spots but repaving the road completely, is unlikely. 

"Anytime we do an open trench, we always come back and put a finish coat across that open trench and any of the cuts that we make," he said. 

The entire sewer project is slated to be finished by mid-summer 2017.