We all have great intentions but somewhere in the back of our minds we have doubts on whether we can keep those new year's resolutions. I went searching for apps that will help us stay focused and motivated to do whatever we promise ourselves to do.  

If your goal is to get fit, try Sworkit. You choose whether you want to build strength, cardio, yoga or simple stretching. Tell the app how much time you have, an hour or just 5 minutes and Sworkit builds a workout, with a voice guided trainer and videos. It has Spotify playlists to sweat to, you can set daily or weekly goals and it has custom workouts for kids, women who are pregnant and people who want six packs. There are more than 100-thousand workout apps and Sworkit may be the best of the bunch.

 If you want to get your finances in shape in 2017, check out Mint. Connect your bank accounts, credit cards and investment accounts and Mint keeps track of all your money. Mint watches your spending, suggests how much you should invest for retirement, how much to save for emergencies, reminds you when a bill is about to be due, and will build a budget after it learns your spending habits. 

Is 2017 the year to quit smoking? The app Smoke Free gets great reviews from users who used it to kick the habit. It gets your attention by calling attention to how much money you're saving by not buying smokes. It'll encourage you by keeping track of how many hours, days, weeks or months you've been smoke free. If you record any cravings as they happen the app will send tips to resist those urges. While it won't slap the cigs out of your hand, former smokers say it helps. 

All of these apps are free, some have options of paying a little for bonus features. The fact that these apps are proven to be effective and that we have these tools in our hands during those weak moments, our chance of keeping those resolutions are better than ever. All of the apps are available for iOS and Android devices.