The Scenic City has welcomed its first baby of 2017, and it's a girl. 

Kathy Pedro Orozco arrived at 6:12 a.m. at Erlanger Hospital on Sunday, weighing 6 lb, 7 oz. and is about 19" long. 

Parents Mabdial Pedro Escalante and Catarina Orozco said their baby girl arrived eight days early.

"It was a surprise for us I wasn't expecting the baby the first day of the year," said Escalante. "I was about to cry when I first saw her."

Escalante works in Georgia, Monday through Friday, and usually returns home on the weekends. His work schedule is why the couple worried Escalante would miss their daughter's birth.

"She had the pains on Thursday and then she told me this morning that maybe the baby will wait until daddy arrives," said Escalante. 

But it wasn't New Years Eve when the couple knew it was time. 

"Me, her and our family and friends were waiting until midnight, and the pain started a little more and more," Escalante said. "I told everybody I guess we're gonna have the baby tonight, and they we're all excited. [Now] here she is."

This is the couple's third child together, but it's their first girl. 

"When she first told me that it was a girl I was like jumping around and saying, yes," said Escalante. 

Catarina said she felt the same way, blessed that God answered her prayers of one day having a little girl. 

The couple said they don't plan on having any more children. 

Erlanger representatives tell Channel 3 at least eight babies were born on New Year's Day. 

All of them were delivered at various times after 6:00 a.m.