UPDATE: A third suspect accused of stealing mail from Signal Mountain residents has been arrested by Signal Mountain police.

Officer, Andy Siler charged a 17 year-old juvenile with several counts of theft on Saturday related to the theft of mail and other items.

Police say the juvenile and his mother were very helpful throughout the investigation.

Signal Mountain police chief, Mike Williams, said the juvenile got caught up in a bad situation. 

"They wanted him to drive them around. Next thing he knew they were entering cars and mailboxes and he was kind of stuck with it," said Williams. 

A resident in one of the three targeted neighborhoods found a backpack near the St. Ives clubhouse on Ridgerock Dr. on Monday. It contained more stolen mail and other items including, sweates, a pair of headphones, and car tools/parts. 

Williams said the suspects used the backpack to stash the stolen property. 

"Those are also traceable back to the original theft so they will be part of the charges against the three," said Williams. 

Williams said mail theft is uncommon in the area, but one they hope to prevent in the future. 

"We're gonna be in touch with the postal inspectors on this or at least make them aware of it, whether or not they join in or charge anybody would be up to them."

Police are urging you to call report any missing mail  or items, but to also make sure your car doors are locked. 

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Just days after a time of giving, some residents are now feeling empty. Two 18-year-olds are charged with stealing mail from the St. Ives, Fox Run, and Old Town subdivisions.

Police said the teens went door to door and also broke into cars.

"It was a complete shock, just because of the safe and secure feeling that the neighborhood around here provides,” Resident Jaime Gonzales said.

A BB gun, insurance cards, and a cell phone are just some of the items Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams said 18-year-olds John Kirksey and Casey Brock stole from cars and mailboxes.

"They were obviously going through the neighborhoods, opening mailboxes and seeing what was in them and there was a considerable amount that they went through,” Chief Williams said.

Arrest documents say Kirksey’s mother discovered the stolen items and turned in her son, who is now charged with theft.

When police arrived at the home to question Kirksey, he deleted evidence on his phone and was also charged with tampering with evidence.

Chief Williams said more than a hundred pieces of mail are now being kept as evidence.

Residents who think they were affected should contact police.

"Some of the officers were actually in the neighborhoods and found mail in the road so they picked up the mail and returned it back to the owners, and let them know it had been gone through,” Chief Williams added.

For some residents, it's hard to know if something was stolen. Some are now they're taking extra steps to protect their mail in the future.

"Just a safe feeling and just kind of a violation of your home that it provided,” Gonzales said.

Police are searching for a possible third accomplice.

Right now both teens are being held at the Hamilton County Jail. Kirksey’s bond has been set at $30,000.