A man accused of choking a pregnant woman gave police a hard time before he was finally taken into custody by Chattanooga police.

Seth Martin Emery, 26, led police on a chase about 3:00am Tuesday morning which began at a Waffle House on Highway 153.

Workers at the restaurant told police they were able to safely secure the pregnant woman in the office after she escaped from Emery at a nearby hotel. She told police that Emery had been holding here there against her will. The victim also told police that he tried to choke her when she tried to leave.

Emery tried to forcibly remove the victim, described in the police report as his girlfriend, from the office but failed in his efforts.

Police says Emery fled on foot before they arrived, but later returned. That's when police found him walking across the parking lot.

Emery was hit with a stun gun, which had no effect on him, and then took off into a stand of trees. Police caught up with Emery, who then took a swing at the officer, grazing him.

The officer then used his Tazer to strike Emery in the head and the struggle continued with Emery escaping.

Emery was hit with pepper spray and subdued with the assistance from other officers. He was arrested and medically cleared after the chase.

he has been charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, aggravated assault on police and evading arrest.