UPDATE: Family members of a missing Hamilton County man are pleading for answers. Bradley Powell disappeared three weeks ago.

Family members say the 23-year-old was last seen with friends.

"Every day is just hard. It's like your life is on pause," Cory Powell, Bradley's dad said.

Cory Powell spends his days waiting for a call from police. He says his son usually calls a family member each day to touch base.

"This is totally not like him at all, especially this long. We just want to know where he is and if anyone knows anything. That's all we just need to hear," Powell said.

His dad describes him as caring and compassionate. When he didn't hear from his son for several days, he feared for the worst.

Investigators believe his disappearance is suspicious, which is why Powell hopes someone will speak up.

"Help bring my son home. It's hard and i just want him home," Powell said.

Being at the boat ramp was tough for Bradley's dad. That area is where police have looked several times for the young man by searching the woods and the river.

Police aren't saying why it's important, but the dad tells us Bradley enjoyed camping. Family members say it wasn't a usual hangout spot for him, but it's apparent many people stop by there.

Those who care about him most are staying positive as investigators continue to look for him.

"We're just hoping still at this point that he will turn up somewhere. That's all we can do is hope," Powell said.

Hope is what's getting him through each day that police are getting closer to finding Bradley.

If you have any information, call the Chattanooga Police Department.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Several law enforcement agencies spent the day searching for a man who disappeared three weeks ago. They're trying to find any clues that will lead them to 23-year-old Bradley Powell.

At one point, law enforcement vehicles filled the Suck Creek Road boat ramp area. They've looked there before, but on a smaller scale.

The woods in nearby Marion County may give police an idea of what happened to the young man. They've narrowed their search to a 3 mile radius on land.

"We're hoping we do find clues that may be here. We're not sure there's clues. That's why we're here to check to see," Sgt. Victor Miller of the Chattanooga Police Department said.

Several leads from multiple sources guided crews to the Suck Creek Road boat ramp. Investigators couldn't go into detail about why the area is important, but they believe something could be there.

"They're searching on land. They're searching by air and they're searching on the water," Miller said.

That includes a helicopter and a drone. At least two boats searched 8 miles of the Tennessee River, which at certain spots can be 100 feet deep.

Police believe there's something suspicious about the case.

"He normally contacts his family and he hasn't since December the 7th so that's concerning to them and us," Miller said.

Powell's family didn't want to go on camera, but tell Channel 3 this wasn't a usual hang out spot for him. Search crews and family members hope the river or the woods will provide the answers they need.

It's unclear if anything significant was found on Wednesday.

Police are still calling this a missing persons case. If you have any information, give them a call.

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