One day after Christmas, a fire destroyed a mobile home in Polk County. Firefighters said it happened around 5 a.m. on Monday off Highway 411.

Small flames and smoke covered what used to be a mobile home. Investigators are looking at arson as a possible cause.

"It really made me sick," Willa Wilson, the property owner said. 

Willa Wilson remembers waking up to lights shining through her window. When she walked outside, she saw several firetrucks and plenty of smoke.

"It was pretty bad. I knew that the house was gone," Wilson said.

Wilson is on a fixed income and owns a few properties near her home. She and her late husband bought them nearly 30 years ago and ever since, she's been renting them out for extra money.

Fire officials said Monday's fire doesn't look like an accident.

"It's uncommon for a residence that's not occupied with no power on it to spontaneously catch on fire. It's just very odd for that to happen," Chief Stephen Lofty of the West Polk County Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

That's what has Lofty looking beyond the surface.

He said a couple and their young child were living there before moving to a relative's home just feet away recently. He spoke with them to find out what they saw and so did Channel 3.

"I told you I don't know what happened. I woke up to my house on fire," Steven Reeder of Polk County said.

Reeder said nearly every piece of clothing he and his girlfriend owned was destroyed by the fire. The couple was planning to move out of town before this happened.

"The only thing I had to do with this is probably kicking in my front door and letting it get more air, trying to run over there to save something," Reeder said.

Not much if anything could be salvaged from the collapsed home.

Wilson lost some property to the fire too. She's angry and upset, but also hopeful detectives will find some answers soon.

"You wouldn't think anybody would do that to you, do ya? You think they're kind of a bad person is what I think," Wilson said.

No one has been charged. Investigators said the person responsible could face aggravated arson charges.

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