The final countdown is coming to an end with just one day until Christmas, but some of are still have some holiday shopping to finish, or start. 

We tell ourselves every year, next year will be different, but somehow we still end up among the crowd at the mall scrambling for last minute gifts.

 That was the case for many shoppers at Hamilton Place Mall Saturday. 

"I guess this year I just didn't really have a choice because I had to work, but I just kind of procrastinate until the end and then I have to go do it," said shopper, Devin Heisner. 

But he wasn't alone. 

"You don't ever think of what you're gonna get until the last minute. You get everything and then all of a sudden you hear the kids say I decided I want this or that," said shopper, Michael Barker. "As hectic as it is you wouldn't have it any other way. You know, it's for the kids and to see the smiles on their face come that morning it's all worth it."

Shoppers tell Channel 3 the holiday crowd wasn't as bad as they expected the day before Christmas, but it was still necessary to hit the stores early to beat any kind of rush. 

Mall employees prepare for that holiday procrastination ahead of time, and aim to make it a little more fun with festive Santa outfits and cool dance moves to match. 

"It's very positive I mean it's Christmas. Most people have a great attitude. They expect lines, they expect it to be busy so you just go with that and you know this helps you know it makes it a little better," said J. Crew employee, Jamie Burton. "People don't get as mad they don't wanna yell at someone who looks like Santa."

But last minute shopping doesn't just mean crowded stores and chaos. Sometimes you witness good deeds from strangers. 

Ashley Brown, who was shopping with her one-year-old daughter, said she was approached by a woman who gave her unexpected gift. 

"I was actually standing right here and the lady tapped me on the shoulder, and she said I picked you out because you had a blue bag; My Children's Place bag that I just bought my baby, and she said I have a card for you and don't read it until I leave," said Brown.  

Brown said inside the card was an overwhelming amount of cash. 

"She just so happen to pick me out of five cards. She had five cards on her and it's like 200 maybe 300 people in here and she picked me out."

 A generous gift that brings about the Christmas spirit, and makes a difference. 

"Christmas is actually here and it's been a rough month and stuff and I'm thankful. Really thankful, really thankful," said Brown. 

Hamilton Place Mall will be closed on Christmas day. It will reopen Monday, Dec. 26 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.