Several families are missing Christmas packages just days before the big day. 

Captain Tim Mullinax with the East Ridge Police Department said four thefts occurred in the area Thursday evening, some time after 6:00 p.m. He said the packages taken were out on the front porch of the homes. 

One man said he didn't realize his packages were missing from his home on South Saint Marks Avenue until a neighbor asked him about it. 

"After finishing work I got a knock on the door from our neighbor. He asked if I had a package stolen and I said well I was expecting two today, but they're not here, but it says they've been delivered," said Adam Stocker. 

His neighbor's surveillance video shows someone running house to house taking items from several homes on their street. You then see the person's shadow in Stocker's yard, right before they took two Amazon packages from his front porch. 

Stocker said the packages included a surprise book for his daughter and a gag gift for him. 

"At least after talking to Amazon they were able to get the most important gift to us tomorrow and we're sending that actually to my wife's work so we don't have to worry about it getting stolen again," said Stocker. 

But this isn't the first time a grinch tried to steal Christmas from the Stocker's. 

"Two years ago we had two packages stolen on different days," said Stocker. "We actually had a Blu-Ray player that my mother-in-law was having delivered here and and it was stolen. Amazon did a replacement for us; the second one was stolen. I guess we should've learned from two years ago," said Stocker. 

Stocker believes living near an interstate with easy access to on and off ramps is to blame. It's why he's considering moving his family from their home of nine years. 

"It makes me sad that people feel the need to this. I worry about our kids; providing a safe place for them, and I just feel that we can't do that very well here anymore," said Stocker. 

But he said this won't stop his family from having a merry Christmas this year. 

"This doesn't ruin Christmas, because it's not about the gifts."

Mullinax said the thefts also happened on Maryland Drive and Fountain Avenue. 

There are no suspects in custody.

Mullinax said there is also no suspect description at this time. 

Police are keeping an eye out on the hit areas over the weekend. 

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