A Murray County family is looking for answers after their 10-month old puppy was shot and killed. Beau, a Yellow Labrador, was found miles from their Chatsworth home, dumped in a trash bag.       

The Murray County Sheriff's Office is calling this an act of animal cruelty. They are trying to track down whoever is responsible.

The couple held back tears, still in shock that their 10-month old puppy was shot and killed. His death is a lot for them to understand.

Hannah Mayo was relaxing at home when someone knocked on her front door, but before she could answer, “I heard a gun go off. Two of the three dogs, they are inside dogs, were on their way running back.”

Her 10-month old, Yellow Lab, Beau was nowhere to be found. At first she thought he ran off, scared from the loud noise. She later found out he had been shot in the head, left to die miles away from home. “Ruthlessly dumped, so we may never have found him. No idea what happened to him if we couldn't find his body. I don't understand how people could do that.”

Hannah's boyfriend had searched the neighborhood for the puppy, trying to understand why anyone would do this. “What’s a little puppy going to do? If there was a reason it's beyond me,” said Matt Harris.

Three hours later, he finally found Beau, tossed on the side of the road. “In a grocery bag. Just over his head. It didn't fit his whole body.”

The family has no idea why anyone would have done this to their beloved four legged friend. “He was so sweet, a Yellow Lab, if you ever have had one you know their nature. They wouldn't hurt a fly,” said Mayo.

Hannah took Beau for a walk every day. She didn't use a leash because no one was around and says he wasn't a threat to anyone. “Didn't have free reign of the area never outside unsupervised for longer than 5-10 minutes.”

The family said the puppy was like one of their kids, and they can't understand what type of person could shoot an animal. They hope to get justice for Beau. “Helpless feeling. Very helpless. Hope and pray someone saw something and will come forward.”

Police continue to investigate. If you have any information about this, you are urged to contact the Murray County Sheriff's Office at (706) 695-4592.