It's never a good feeling when you're driving and you see those familiar blue lights in your rear-view mirror.

That's what happened to drivers in Soddy Daisy Monday, but they weren't in trouble.

The police department just wanted to do some good in the spirit of the season.

"All right," says Officer Brock Nunley as he closes a trunk. "Good to go?" 

It's not exactly the way you imagine Santa loads his sleigh, but with any luck, these deliveries will evoke the same holiday cheer, after a bit of lump-in-the-throat terror.

"Some people may automatically think that every time there's a blue light it's gonna be something bad," says Soddy Daisy Police Chief Jeff Gann.

But, not today. Walmart used a $2,500 grant to partner with Soddy Daisy officers to give back in the form of 50 gift bags full of Christmas fixin's.

Chief Jeff Gann was born and raised in Soddy Daisy.

"This is a very loving and giving community," says Chief Gann.

"By luck, maybe, if we want to use the word luck, we may find that person that actually needed this gift bag; that this is going to be a time of need for them and this is just another way that someone is providing for them," says Chief Gann.

Half a dozen officers hit the streets.

Channel 3 tagged along with Officer Brock Nunley. To the neighbors they looked to serve, it could be more than just a Christmas gift.

"Around the holidays, it's sad to say, our domestic assaults and suicides tend to pick up because people get depressed because they don't have enough money to buy food or buy presents for the kids," Officer Nunley says. "So, you know, if we can supply what you need and keep somebody from going to that extent then, ultimately, I believe we've done we're supposed to do."

By the end of this day, Santa might congratulate these elves.

"We thought we were getting pulled over and we got a care package; a holiday care package," says Jessica Woodall, a driver.

"Just, thank you to the Soddy Daisy Police Department," says another driver, Tasha Hyatte.

"The police are not all bad, they're good," says driver James Stiles. "It was a surprise, but these are good people here in Soddy Daisy, anyway."

"Just, thank you to the Soddy Daisy Police Department," says Woodall.

Christmas mission: accomplished.

Today's traffic stop surprises were just one of several things the Soddy Daisy Police Department is doing to help their fellow neighbors this holiday season.

Sunday, they participated in the city's annual Santa Train.