A family of five is trying to pick up the pieces after a fire ripped through their home, killing one family member and severely burning a young girl. 

It happened at a home on Blythe Ferry Road, the day before Thanksgiving. Two adults and two children escaped but a grandfather in failing health couldn't get out in time.

9-year-old, Alisa Saxe is now recovering from 2nd and third-degree burns to her hands and face. The fire started in the middle of the night, she remembers waking up and fighting to get out. She struggled to get out of her bedroom. 

Firefighters found her grandfather Paul Junior Greene lying outside of Alisa's door, They believe he was trying to save her and her sister but he never made it out. 

"I want to go home, I wish the fire never happened," said Alisa when she was in the hospital. 

Her only wish this Christmas was to go home to her family. When she did, she was met with a big surprise from Cleveland Firefighters and Santa Claus himself.

He gave us a lot of gifts he filled the whole floor up," said Alisa. 

Family members say she's come a long way with 4 surgeries and therapy.

"Thank you for bringing all the gifts," said Alisa. 

Still, this Christmas will be tough.

"Not being able to spend it with him... it's just the first time in the holidays not being able to have him around but I know he's here in spirit," said mother, Holly Saxe. 

Alisa told Channel 3, she had a dream in the hospital that her grandfather was there with her protecting her and she believes he's still looking out for her. 

"To have everybody so kind and to help us it touches our hearts and gives us hope," said Saxe. 

Alisa's family says there aren't any words to describe how thankful they are for the community support. Holly knows there will be many challenges ahead and possibly more surgeries.

She can't work right now and she's without a car and the bills keep coming.

"They've told me everything happens for a reason and it's making her stronger you know, she's a strong kid. I didn't know that she was that tough because she's always been the little baby of the family but she's a tough kid and she's really showed her true colors," said Saxe. 

She says she is strong because Alisa is strong and together they have faith everything will be okay.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.