A dance competition is honoring two of the children killed in the Woodmore bus crash. 10-year-old Zyanna Harris and 9-year-old Zoie Nash were dancers and competed on different teams in the area.

Teams from Chattanooga and Nashville set aside the competitive spirit at the Rossville Athletic Center and danced for a different reason on Saturday.

"It's important to show how much we care and love for the families," Kayla Rivers, a dancer said.

11-year-old Kayla Rivers knew Zyanna Harris and Zoie Nash. They were killed in the bus crash that happened on Talley Road last month.

Kayla and Zyanna were on the same dance team called The Ladies of Excellence.

"Zyanna was always caring. She was always there for you. She always had a smile on her face. She just loved to dance," Rivers said.

Kayla was also very close with Zoie who was a dancer for Royal Envy, which is another Chattanooga team. The two girls played softball together too.

"She was very athletic and loved to play softball," Rivers said.

The dance tributes were a way for the young girls to say goodbye to friends whose lives were cut short.

Brittany Grayson who organized the event wants the families to know they're still in the community's thoughts and prayers.

"Once the condolences, the flowers, and everything leaves, they're left alone. So we just wanted to let them know that there's someone still here for them," Brittany Grayson, the organizer said.

They're supporting them in more ways than one.

The money organizers collected from entry fees and admission will go to the Woodmore Fund. They also encouraged people to bring toys, which will be given to the affected families.

As for the dancers, they're remembering Zyanna and Zoie for much more than the crash that took their lives. With the teams coming together, they hope this will show how much of an impact the two girls left on the community.

"Just remembering the good times with them. Knowing that they're gone, it'll hurt, but i have to stay strong," Rivers said.

The competition's organizer said they raised more than $400.

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