A Hamilton County woman was kidnapped at gunpoint Friday morning after a report of an alleged home invasion.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says that the woman's estranged husband, John Henry Jones, broke into her Jenkins Road apartment and forced her, at gunpoint, to leave with him in her vehicle.

The victim was able to escape a short distance from her home by jumping out of her vehicle.
That's when Ian Kibby, 21, stopped to assist the victim. He said he had just finished working third shift at Volkswagen, and was heading to the Hamilton Place Starbucks when he saw the victim and Jones fighting.

"I had hopped off the interstate over there by Shallowford Road and there was a woman across the intersection and she was trying to fight her way away from this guy who she said was her ex of some sort that had recently got out of prison," Kibby said. "She had cuts and bruises, she didn't have any clothing on or anything. She didn't have anything on her and she's screaming you know, help, help."

Kibby said he unlocked his passenger door to let the woman inside, but Jones wouldn't stop coming after her. He said Henry got back inside the woman's SUV, and rammed the front of his car.

That's when Ian called 911.     

"Then he pulled back to about the middle of the intersection then came forward, hit me again before driving off," Kibby said.

The victim was transported to an area hospital and received treatment for minor injuries.
After an extensive manhunt Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, with assistance from Chattanooga Police Officers, located Jones at the Town Place Suites on McCutcheon Road.

Before deputies could take Jones into custody, he intentionally shot himself.
Jones was transported to a local hospital with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. Jones died at the hospital. 

A dangerous situation, one woman survived; thanks to a stranger, who said he's no hero. 

"My friends and family said they were proud, which is nice, but really all I did was open a door," Kibby said.