More than 40 post office boxes were burglarized in East Ridge.

In a police report from East Ridge police, 41 post office boxes at the East Ridge Post Office on Maxwell Road were broken into, and the contents were removed.

On December 10 police reported the boxes were pried open and burglarized. The next day, police found some of the boxes' contents in waste baskets at the post office.

Police also found thousands of dollars of checks that were discarded. But they also found Christmas cards they attempted to use to gather fingerprint evidence.

Fingerprints were taken from a locker key found at the scene.

Post Office staff suspect the burglar reached through the opened mailbox and attempted to grab mail from nearby boxes, scattering the mail on the floor.

The local Postal Inspector also told police that the East Brainerd Post office has a similar burglary the same night. That crime may have been captured by security cameras at the post office.