From six wins in three years, to three-time Southern Conference Champs. That's the Russ Huesman effect. In his eight years as head coach, Russ Huesman steered the UTC football program in the right direction, and put the Chattanooga Mocs on the map.

"Everybody loves Coach Huesman" says Mocs senior defensive lineman Keionta Davis. "The community loves Coach Huesman and everything he has done for us. So there's no bad blood, we just hate to see him go."

When Coach Huesman first arrived, Chattanooga was not only battling academic sanctions, but also coming off three straight losing seasons. 

"He just turned it around. He got it going in the right direction again. Him playing here and doing the right things and winning a conference championship himself and then him doing it back here as a coach is great." 

Keionta Davis, a Red Bank native, played for Huesman the last four years, witnessing a stretch that goes down as the school's most successful four-year stint.

"When Coach Huesman was recruiting me, he sold us on a dream of being one of the top teams in the nation. And once everybody got there and bought in, we made it happen. Without Coach Huesman, I don't think we would be as good as we was."

"The community loves him, everybody in the city loves him. I'm going to miss him when I come back to Chattanooga. He means a lot to us and we hate to see him go, but I wish him the best of luck and I appreciate everything he done."