A Ringgold family got their Christmas wish a few weeks early. On Tuesday, David Caronna returned home after spending three weeks in the hospital. He and his wife were involved in a serious accident on Thanksgiving Day. His injuries were so severe, his left leg needed to be amputated. The family was worried about how he was going to be able to get around his house, but thanks to some special donors that is no longer a concern.

David is the sole provider for his family, and doesn't have any insurance. When a local company heard the devastating news, they teamed up with David's boss to make sure his life would be a bit easier.

They may be small steps, but for David Caronna, they are mighty ones. “I am thankful for everybody who has helped and I am thankful to be alive.”

David and his family returned home ready to begin their new normal. Thankful for a handmade ramp, built with love by friends. “My boss paid for the materials and he came on his day off and did this for free for me.”

David's boss asked Joshua Johnson, the owner of "Hire a Vet Handyman Services," to build the ramp. Johnson's team worked around the clock to make sure David’s ramp would be ready. “I didn't think about the simple stuff, I thought about the important stuff, serious stuff. It nice I have this.”

The ramp cost around $4,500 and the Ringgold Community raised another $4,500 to help the Caronna family. “We really appreciate it, our family needed everything and the Go Fund me account is going to help tremendously,” said Angel, David’s mother-in-law.

For David, he knows it will be a long road to recovery. “I mean I am going to once I get a new leg I will be back to work. But it is going to be a little while.”

That isn't going to stop him from being the best father and husband he knows how to be. “See how today goes, and see how tomorrow goes, take it as it comes.”

David Caronna remains positive and is looking forward to spending Christmas with his five-year-old Daughter Kaylee.

If you would like to donate to help the Caronna family go here