If you're planning to buy a new television for Christmas get ready to be overwhelmed. Picking out a new tv is about as difficult as finding a movie to watch on Netflix; there are too many choices.

You'll see signs for 4k, UHD, SUHD, HDR, OLED and 1080p. What is the difference and which model is best for you and your home? 

"Your biggest thing is going to be which room is it going to?" said Izzy Tovar from Best Buy. He took me around the showroom floor to see what must have been 50 different televisions to choose from.

"Your experience with all of them are going to be similar but different. but the biggest thing is going to be where's it going to be, placement," he said.

Many new tvs are 4k. They look brightest in the store but also cost more than a standard 1080p HD set. It makes a big difference for some viewers but not enough to justify the price for others. There are 4k calculators from tv set experts on the internet who've conducted studies to find the best resolution-screen size for standard tv watching.

The common answer is that most people can only see all 4,000 pixels on a 50" screen from 3.3' to 6.6'. In other words, if you sit farther than 7' from your tv at home you won't be able to tell much difference between a 4k tv and a same-size 1080p set.

You will notice a big difference in price. I found a 50" 4k UHD set for $1,099 while a similar 50" HD tv is $397. That's a big difference in price for a small difference in experience.

Tovar said the best thing to do when picking out a tv is to imagine you're in your home.

"Stand at about the same distance to where you sit on your couch," he said. "If you get a set that's too large for your space, it can be quite overwhelming and rather than returning it and exchanging it for a smaller or larger tv, it's best to pick the right size from the beginning."

If you've got a big room, play video games and watch blu-ray dvds, a 4k SUHD, UHD or OLED tv is the best choice. The picture is breathtaking with bluer blues, whiter whites and darker blacks.

There still isn't a lot of 4k content available from networks and cable or satellite channels. Many game consoles are in 4k as well as Blue-ray DVD players have the full 4k capability, so if gaming is your thing a 4k tv is a good choice. Also, if you purchase a new television every 5 years or more, buying a 4k set is future-proofing your television as more content becomes available.

Another good idea is in addition to looking at the screen, look at the back of the tv for the number of HDMI connections. HDMI is now the standard input for video games, dvd players, streaming devices, cable and satellite set-top boxes and home theater systems. HDMI gives the highest quality output of all connections. Many tv's still have only 2 HDMI inputs and you'll likely need 4 or more either now or in the future.

Keep in mind this is actually not THE best time to buy a new tv. That's next month when manufacturers introduce new models at CES and drop the prices of 2016 mode