The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission is investigating the Bradley County Sheriff, Eric Watson.

A spokesman with the TMC released this statement about the investigation: 

The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission opened complaints late Friday related to a recent story that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Letters were sent Monday (12/12) to Eric Watson and Best Buy Auto seeking responses. (Attached.) We will review the responses and then determine an appropriate course of action. 

The Commission investigates all complaints that appear to be under its authority. (For any substantiated unlicensed activity, the Commission may issue civil penalties or take other action.)  

A check of the Motor Vehicle Commission files shows no evidence of a complaint or reports of off-site sales or curbstoning in the Cleveland area in reference to the business or individual during the past 12 months. 

Watson (Salesman License # 106661) is properly licensed through Sept. 2018 and is associated with Best Buy Auto & Leasing (Dealer License #17349) which is properly licensed through March 2018 and is owned by Everett E. Pierce.

You can read the full complaints below.