Spot Athletic arts Venue, or Spot for short, hosted an indoor/outdoor community health block party to raise money for the Woodmore families' United Way Fund.

Spot, which is located off Brainerd Road, just recently opened it's doors to the public with goals of making a difference int he community through fitness. 

"When we opened this business every month our plan was we wanna reach out to some local charity and try to do something for them and just try to keep the community alive. Our goal is community health," said Spot President and CEO, Lance Chappell. 

Chappell and Spot Vice-President, Sarah Cooper said they like many, were heartbroken after hearing about the Woodmore bus crash on Nov. 21. It's why they hosted an indoor/outdoor community health block party to raise money for the Woodmore families' United Way Fund. 

"We just absolutely can't even fathom I mean what these families are going through right now. How else could we help other than try to give up our services and our time and get people down here moving," said Chappell. 

Local trainers and instructors in health & fitness donated  their time and services to the cause by providing mini workshops promoting community health and raising money for the Woodmore Fund. Local musicians like Rick Rushing and the Blues Strangers and Amber Fults, kept the movement going by performing lives music for people to dance to. 

Cooper said the activities brings positivity and healing to the community. 

"Coming together and being able to move together in that good energy of just letting go of the heaviness and releasing that. That in itself is healing us as a community."

United Way of Greater Chattanooga was on site accepting donations. The non-profit's Director of Public Relations Kelley Nave, said the ongoing benefits and donations reflect the strength and generosity of the Scenic City as a whole. 

"We want to encourage that type of behavior and those types of activities because that's what makes Chattanooga such a great and wonderful place to live," said Nave. "Now the accident is over. You know some of that initial crisis is over but you know things like this are gonna reverberate for a long time. So you know these families and children are gonna need to be surrounded by love and support."

Nave said about $250,000 donated to the Woodmore Families' United Way Fund was distributed to the 25 families impacted by the crash, on Friday. She said the fund will end on Dec. 31. However, if more donations are collected after that date they will make a second distribution.