UPDATE: The man who escaped from a Chattanooga mental health facility is back in custody Monday. Polk County deputies arrested Dustin Adams Sunday night after reports of a home break in. He escaped from Moccasin Bend on Friday. This isn't the first time Adams has escaped from a facility. In September, he broke out of the Hamilton County Jail.

Polk County Sheriff's officers were patrolling an area when they spotted a man run off into the woods. When they came back to that neighborhood later in the day and saw a home was vandalized, they had a feeling fugitive Dustin Adams was back in the area.

It was no surprise for Robert Geisler when his friend Dustin Adams showed up at his door looking for a place to stay. Robert always offered Adams help during his difficult days. They've been family friends for 25 years. “He would use to come see me back in the day and called me pops,” said Geisler.

Robert had no idea his friend recently escaped from the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute, and for the second time in three months’ police were looking for the run away. “I didn't know he's been in Moccasin Bend; he didn't say nothing to us. I gave him some food.”

Robert offered his friend a hot meal, and then the 26-year-old was gone. “Meat, he got corned beef and he took it with him, up the road.”

When Polk County Sheriff, Steve Ross learned Adams was on the run again, he had a feeling he would make his way back to Polk County. “He has family up here; he knows the area really well. I guess he is trying to see if we can catch him,” said Sheriff Ross.

On Sunday, officers responded to a home on Isabella Avenue. Two windows and a glass door were broken. After a quick investigation, the officers left the doors open, but when they came back for a follow up they noticed, “Doors that were left open were now closed and the curtain was pulled.”

They shined a light through the curtains and spotted someone in bed in the vacant home. “He jumped off the top bunk, tossed the blanket in their direction when he was trying to run. He didn't make it too far.”

Dustin Adams hid under the bed before finally admitting to officers he was wanted by police.

Dustin Adams will now face additional charges in Polk County including Aggravated Burglary and Vandalism, along with a State Probation Violation. Sheriff Ross said he will be held in Polk County for the next few months

PREVIOUS STORY: Monday morning,  the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Division was notified by the Polk County Sheriff's Office that Dustin Adams has been recaptured and is in custody in Polk County.

According to Polk County authorities, they have placed additional charges on Adams including Aggravated Burglary, Vandalism, and a State Probation Violation.

PREVIOUS STORY: Local law enforcement are searching for escaped Moccasin Bend inmate, Dustin Adams. 

Dustin Adams name may sound familiar, in September, Dustin Adams and Dylon Lafollette escaped from the Hamilton County Jail. Lafollette was captured shortly after the escape at the Walgreens located in the Northshore area of Chattanooga. Adams, was captured 77 miles away from the jail in Fannin County, Georgia just across the Polk County, Tennessee state line, some time later.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says Dustin Adams walked away from a court-ordered evaluation at Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute. Officials from Moccasin Bend say Adams escaped around 7:30 Friday night. 

HCSO says Adams was not in their custody at the time of the escape.  Adams was last seen wearing blue jeans, grey long sleeve shirt, and black undershirt.

Dustin Adams has warrants for his departure from the hospital. He has prior charges of theft, burglary, a firearm possession, and escape from the Hamilton County Jail, but no crimes involving violence.

Police say they do not believe Adams is a particular threat. Multiple law enforcement agencies are assisting in the search for Adams, including the Chattanooga Police Department, U.S. Marshalls, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

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